Logic Of The Day: 01.06.2018.

You Should Never Apologize For Who You Are.
I get a lot of questions that can be boiled down to this: I can’t be myself. I get it because I was like that too.
We fear that people won’t like us, respect us, or value us if we don’t “fit in”.

Why do we fear that so much? It’s a waste of energy.
Like all fears, it’s unnecessary. Look, you’re not going to die alone when you become yourself 24/7.

It’s not only a waste of energy, but it’s also a waste of LIFE, if you’re not living it on your terms.

I believe that you should live the way YOU want. You should always say and do what YOU want. I don’t care where in the world you live. “That’s not what we do in our country.” Find a way!

Because what’s the alternative? Do you want to shut down your true personality and become some robot that’s programmed by society or other people?

No one deserves that.

~Darius Foroux (Stop Trying To ‘Fit In’ And Be Yourself)

©Logic Consult.


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