Logic Of The Day:16.05.2018.

Train Your Brain To Learn Effectively And Efficiently.
You need to learn HOW to learn. The most successful people out there are also the best learners. They learn with a purpose. They take time every single day for learning. They develop habits, rituals, and routines to increase and accelerate their learning. They immediately apply what they learn, even when it’s uncomfortable.

They teach what they learn to others.They begin thinking in terms of frame-works, and how the new things they learn fit within the whole. They’re even open to re-conceiving the whole if new information warrants it.

The better you get at “connectivity,” or connecting stuff together, the faster you’ll learn. It’s the connections between things that really matter. You have to alter and reshape your brain. There’s no way around it. You need a new brain. And luckily, as the science is continually showing, your brain can change.

So change it. Turn it into a learning machine. Feed it the best information. Shock it with intense and expansive experiences. Be an active, not a passive learner. Don’t be lazy.

~ Benjamin P Hardy (14 Strategies To Accelerate Your Personal Growth By 1,000%)

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