Logic Of The Day: 30.05.2018.

Give Yourself A Break And Understand One Thing: Your Work Matters.
Most of our unhappiness comes from believing that no one gives a fuck. It’s easy to feel irrelevant in a crowded world. You wake up, go to work, get back, and watch TV until you fall asleep. You’re just going through the motions. You forget what your actual job is: To make yourself useful. What’s the alternative? Give up? Drink a glass of scotch and say that the world is messed up?

Come on — life’s not an Ernest Hemingway novel.
You’ve got to believe that your work matters. Why? Because it does. It’s about your mindset. William James, a leader in the philosophical movement of Pragmatism, said it best: “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”

We collectively believe that you must do big things to matter. You don’t have to solve starvation to contribute to the world. Similarly, you don’t need to become an important person to make a difference. Maybe you want to do big things. That’s great. But you’re not some kind of puppet master who can control life.

Sometimes it takes a while to get where we want to be. But that doesn’t mean the journey is useless. And because we’re all so obsessed with outcomes, we think that life is measured in milestones. But life is not only about achieving outcomes. That’s why we try to hack our way into living productive lives that matter.

Some people believe that productivity is about cramming more into each day. It’s not. Productivity is about trying to find a way to enjoy your work and life. Often, that’s not the case. We hate our work and we hate our days.

But we try to justify that by dangling a lofty goal in front of our face. Everything will be all right in the end, as long as we achieve that goal, right? That degree, job, promotion, income, revenue, bestseller, or a big hit. But what if that doesn’t happen? Yeah, we feel behind.

~ Darius Foroux
(Excerpts From The Article; Don't Be So Hard On Yourself)

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