Logic Of The Day: 28.05.2018.

Stretching Always Requires Change.
Growth doesn't come from staying in your comfort zone. You can't improve and avoid change at the same time. So how do you embrace change and kick yourself out of your comfort zone.

First of all, stop looking over your shoulder. It's difficult to focus on your past and change in the present.
That's why for years I had on my desk a little plaque that said , "yesterday ended last night." It helped me to focus on the present and work to improve what I could today. That's important.

Second, if you want to grow and change, you must take risks. Innovation and progress are often initiated by people who push for change. Its unfortunate that the word entrepreneur has come to mean gambler to some people. But risks has advantages. People who take risks learn more and faster than those who don't. Their depth and range of experiences is often greater. And they learn how to solve problems. All of these things help a person to grow.

The greatest stretching seasons of life come when we do what we have never done, push ourselves harder, and reach in a way that is uncomfortable. That takes courage. But the good news is that it causes us to grow in ways we thought were impossible.

~John C Maxwell.
(How Successful People Grow)

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