Logic Of The Day: 26.05.2018.

No One Is Going To Save You.
Apart from a few exceptions, mostly on your own. Everybody is so busy battling their own storms that they’re not going to help you as much as you think. I must understand this if I’m going to successfully make it through this low point in my career.

Just like when the aeroplane is spinning out of control and you’re about to crash, the safety instructions tell you to put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else. The same is true for your career.

People will save themselves before they will help you.
This is nothing to be depressed or pissed off about. Fighting your battles solo is how you build strength, resilience and confidence.

The mindset of “I can get through this and win” only comes from saving yourself multiple times over and figuring it out yourself.

No point dwelling. The turnaround in your career starts with you. Such is life.

~Excerpts From The Article; How To Deal With A Huge Low Point In Your Career By Tim Denning.

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