Logic Of The Day: 24.05.2018.

Fight For The Decision You’ve Made — Because No One Cares About Your Success More Than You Do.
There will always be opposition. When you’re working on something big, there will be opposing opinions and agendas. Not everyone is coming from the same place you are. Not everyone cares as much as you do.
Hence, you need to put people around you who will hold you to the standard of your decision, or an even higher one.
Because most of the people around you will hold you to a lower standard.

Most people are too busy with their own goals to care about yours. And can you blame them? No, you can’t.
So you’ll need to pick the right battles. Some things are simply too important to settle on. If you’re not willing to fight for your dreams, then no one else will either.

You’ll need to have awkward conversations. You’ll need to disappoint some people, or make them upset. You can do this in a conscious and kind way. But you can’t settle. And there will be many people around you who will want you to settle.

You may be required to replace people. Or pivot from your original approach. In fact, you’ll have to pivot a lot.
But you have to be relentless. You have to do whatever it takes. And you will if you’re invested enough. You will if your identity and life have changed for this decision.

~ Benjamin P Hardy.

©Logic Consult.


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