Logic Of The Day: 18.05.2018.

Invest Heavily In Your Personal Development.
Becoming a super-learner starts with developing yourself. This means continually developing your mindset. Continually taking in the best information from the best books and resources. Although you prioritize learning through doing, you also prioritize gaining wisdom, knowledge, and strategies from books. You learn through your own experience AND the experience of others.

Your heavy investment in your own personal development is what sets you apart. Most people are working on their jobs. You’re working on yourself, so you can do different and better work. Don’t just read books.
Go to conferences. Join organizations. Pay for travel and other transformational learning experiences. Books and information aren’t enough. And books and information are certainly not the only form of “personal development.”

The more money you invest in yourself, the more committed you’ll be to your dreams. The more money you invest in yourself, the more subconsciously you’ll believe you deserve.

The more you deserve, the more you’ll desire to help others. It’s not about you. You’ve crossed your point of no return. You already know your future is being PULLED forward in a brilliant way.

Your goal now is to develop the skills and abilities to help as many people as possible.
Once you have sufficient hope, you then have the ability to help others in an inspired way.

~ Benjamin P Hardy (14 Strategies To Accelerate Your Personal Growth By 1,000%)

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