Logic Of The Day: 10.05.2018.

Pay Attention To Your Mental Health.
Your state of mind is one of your most priceless assets, and if you want to optimize your state of mind, you have to invest in your mental health.

No matter what you want to accomplish, whether it’s finishing your education, a relationship with the opposite sex, or starting a business, the pillar on which it is all built is your ability to manage your psychology. Without this one skill, you will always be at a disadvantage.

People often think that as you get more successful, this is less necessary. But one of the most telling things Sam Altman said about the process of building a startup is that it gets worse, the more successful you become. The highs get higher, and lows get lower.

A world in which you have no problems is a delusional reality. And if it weren’t for the issues, you’d stop learning and growing. Problems are ultimately just a pain in the ass form of education.

So how do you invest in your mental health?
2. Meditation.
3. Medication.

~Excerpts From The Article; 5 Essential Investments Every Human Being Should Make In Themselves By Srinivas Rao.

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