Logic Of The Day: 08.05.2018.

Self Investment Pays Higher.
Small things have big consequences. Over time, those consequences compound. We are the accumulated momentum of all our choices.
Some of those choices are binary. Go to the gym or not: that choice in that moment is going to change your day. Over time that choice will change your life.

We tend to ignore the importance of fractional benefit because we lose sight of the concept of the tipping point- the little benefit that tips the cup releases a flood of many benefits. It may be a 2 percent difference in force or momentum that flips the coin from heads to tails, or yes to no. — Aubrey Marcus

There’s no area of your life that’s separate from the others. Your health will impact your work. Your work will impact your relationships. Your relationships will impact your happiness. Your happiness will impact your performance. It’s an interconnected system.
And if one of the systems is out whack, the others are inevitably impacted by it.

The investment with highest ROI is the one you make in yourself, and the way you get that ROI is by making the five essential investments.

~Excerpts From The Article; 5 Essential Investments Every Human Being Should Make In Themselves By Srinivas Rao.

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