Logic Of The Day: 27.04.2018.

Successful People Are Risk Averse.
There’s this weird notion that to be successful, you have to take massive risks. We hear stories of people like Elon Musk investing virtually all their money into their businesses. Or people quitting a safe and secure job to go after their dream career.

When I ask people what the biggest barrier to landing their dream job is, many of them respond “fear of the unknown”, “uncertainty”, “fear of leaving my comfort zone”, etc. We think that we have to risk it all too, and we’re afraid to do so. That’s part of the reason why many of us stay stuck in so-so jobs for years on end. But in reality, successful people are surprisingly risk averse.

In fact, Tim Ferriss once said that in an interview that he’s very risk averse. He tests everything (his business ventures, life hacks, etc) rigorously on a micro level before actually investing time or money into them. So by the time he decides to go all in, he can virtually guarantee that it’ll work out the way he wants it to.
But on the outside looking in, it seems like he’s taking a big leap of faith.

Successful people go after what they want, but they mitigate risk as much as possible.

~ Excerpts From The Article; How Successful People Think By Raghav Haran.

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