Logic Of The Day: 24.04.2018.

Stargates To Your Dreams.
I want to tell you to climb that mountain. One step at a time. Climb that mountain. I know it’s hard. Some days we’re defeated. But every now and then, the stars align, and we move forward with our creative passions.

Don’t get distracted by all the people documenting their “glamorous” lives on social media. The ski trips, rock concerts, parties, cool pictures, fit bodies and smiles.
All of that stuff is curated to reflect the best of their lives. They leave out the mundane. The taxes, divorces, addictions.

Trust me. Extraordinary lives are illusory. Even the rich and famous have demands, commitments, deadlines, fatigue and unhappiness. Life isn’t consistently neat and perfect. There will always be rough spots.
The trick is to keep climbing that mountain. It’s the journey and the effort that hone us. Shape us. Make us more than we are.

Somehow, beyond the nine to five routine, day care runs and obligations, you have to squeeze in your art. Your passions. You know, that sad little art studio in the closet. Your writing desk in the garage. That makeshift recording studio in the barn.

These improvised spaces are portals to the true you. Stargates to your dreams. Create them, use them, and never be embarrassed by their humble appearance. If J. K. Rowling can craft literary gold while on welfare in coffee shops, you can conjure your magic anywhere.

~ John P Weiss.

©Logic Consult.


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