Logic Of The Day: 19.04.2018.

Not Making “Mini-Failures”.
Most people are held back by assumptions they’ve made that aren’t even true. Their inner voice in their head magnifies the dangers of failing with every seemingly “risky” move they make. So they stay stuck in their comfort zone for years on end.

I get it. When it comes to your career, failing can have some pretty severe consequences. What if you make the “leap” to something you really love doing, but lose the roof over your head? What if you put a lot of effort into another application, only to never hear back?
There’s this myth that successful people take big risks. But the truth is actually the opposite. The most successful people I know are actually the most risk averse people I know.

Tim Ferriss once said that to the outside world, it seems like he takes massive bets and makes risky “leaps.” But behind-the-scenes, he does thousands of little “tests” to virtually guarantee that the big leaps will work out when he decides to make them.

When venture capitalists learn about a new industry, they don’t start out by making massive investments. They make tons of tiny bets, and once they get a feel for the market, they start making bigger ones.

Make lots of tiny low risk failures leading up to your big leap. That way, you can do it with confidence without feeling anxious.

~Excerpts From The Article; 7 Biggest Career Mistakes By Raghav Haran.

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