Logic Of The Day: 17.04.2018

Tie Your Ego To Your Intentions, Not Results.
If you tie your ego to the results you get, you’ll feel overwhelmed. You’ll start thinking of all the ways you could mess up when trying something new. You’ll think yourself in circles with all the “what-if” scenarios, and you’ll let your fears hold you back. You’ll procrastinate on actually trying.

Think about the areas of life where we do this. Most of us are working jobs we’re not super excited about, but we’re afraid of making the “leap” to something new because we’re afraid of the unknown. Some of us might be underpaid, but we’re afraid of asking for a raise because we might look stupid or damage our reputation.

Many of us we genuinely want to try something new, but we’re afraid of putting in effort because we might fail and waste a lot of time. We’re afraid we might not get results.

And that’s what separates mentally tough people from everyone else. Mentally tough people value intentions over results, while most people value results over intention.

~Excerpts From The Article; How to Build Rock Solid Mental Toughness By Raghav Haran.

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