Logic Of The Day: 11.04.2018.

Stop Doing Something You Hate.
To be able to get closer to your dream you need to decide today to stop doing the day job or work that you hate. Just stop!

You can never move forward or closer to your dream when you’re stuck in the frustration of hating what you do every day. This doesn’t mean you can be side by side with your dream in a matter of days.

If you look at the founder of Addicted2Success, Joel Brown, you will know that he didn’t go from his sales job to running this site full time in a short time.
What Joel did though was take small steps each day and incorporate his dream in with other tasks like his day job. He started by moving away from a manual labour profession and over to a sales job.

This job wasn’t his dream, but it was closer to something he was good at and helped him develop skills relevant to his overall dream.

What are you doing on a daily basis that you hate and why can’t you stop it right now?

~ Excerpts From The Article; 5 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Your Dream Right Now By Tim Denning.

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