Logic Of The Day: 10.04.2018.

Embrace The Proximity Effect.
Someone close to me said to me a few months back, “I love to travel, but I can’t make money from it.”
There are two things that are wrong with this statement.

The first one is that you should never do something just because you want it to make you money. The second point is that you can’t just go from your everyday job that you hate, to your dream overnight.
If your dream is to travel the world then, you need to apply the principle of the proximity effect.

In this example, it would require you to consider doing a day job in the travel industry to begin with where you get to talk about your dream every day.

Now if this seems impossible then start with a small step and get within proximity of everyone who loves travel.

There are lots of expos about your dream that occur every year. These expos allow you to meet people in every niche that exists in your dream field.

This is where you get ideas from, and you can start building relationships with people you share your dream.

~ Excerpts From The Article; 5 Simple Ways To Get Closer To Your Dream Right Now By Tim Denning.

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