Logic Of The Day: 09.04.2018.

Options Are Like A Cat With 9 Lives.
In a career crisis, the best thing you can have is options. The moment my own career went into meltdown I rang every recruiter I knew. I pre-warned them months in advance.

When my fate was set in stone, I sent them my resume and told them I was available.
I also asked them how I could assist them in return and offered my knowledge of social media as a bargaining chip.

These recruiters give you options so that when you are faced with difficult decisions, you don’t have to accept a career opportunity that you don’t 100% want.

Having no options will force you to choose the easy way out which will leave you even more frustrated in the long run. A career crisis is a chance to do something new and the more prospects you have, the better it feels to assess each one.

~ Excerpts From The Article; 15 Things To Do When You Hit A Major Career Crisis And Are Forced To Change Career. By Tim Denning.

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