Logic Of The Day: 07.04.2018

In A Crisis, There Is Opportunity.
A career crisis can often be a brilliant opportunity in disguise. We get stuck with our habits and being comfortable. Having to deal with a career crisis can force you to take action and execute.

For example, I wrote down what I wanted going forward. That exercise caused an epiphany: I only want to work four days a week from now on.
I decided I’m happy to sacrifice money for time so I can do what I love (writing these words for you).

Changes in company structures and people within a business may force you into a career crisis but it can also be filled with luscious blue sky.

People moving around means that you could move up or even to an opportunity that is more aligned with your passion.

Don’t see a crisis as a bad thing; use it to propel your career forward.
This shift in thinking alone can change your work life entirely.

~ Excerpts From The Article; 15 Things To Do When You Hit A Major Career Crisis And Are Forced To Change Career. By Tim Denning.

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