Logic Of The Day: 05.04.2018

No One Is Going To Save You — Save Yourself.
I somehow thought that a magic fairy was going to swoop in and save my ass because you know, I’m Tim Denning after all.

This was wishful thinking that screwed me even more.
No one is saving your ass. That career you’ve worked hard for may be in ruins and only you can fix it.

In my situation, I found 90% of those around me only wanted to save themselves. No point dwelling on this fact it’s just the reality of these career situations.

Again, we can be bitter and pissed off or accept that it’s in our human nature to save ourselves first. Waiting around and hoping for a lifeline will push you further into despair.

“The moment you realize that you are responsible for everything that happens in your career is the moment everything changes”

~ Excerpts From The Article; 15 Things To Do When You Hit A Major Career Crisis And Are Forced To Change Career. By Tim Denning.

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