Logic Of The Day: 04.04.2018.

Quit Pointing The Finger.
Blaming the company, senior leaders, the strategy or any other lame excuse won’t achieve anything. You’re in this career crisis mostly because of your own actions.

In my case, I stayed in my current career too long because I was having fun and loved the people I was working with. I knew it was time to move on six months ago and I ignored the warning signs — that’s a failure on my part right there.

I had two choices: blame the company or pull my socks up and move on. I chose the latter. The blame game gets you nowhere.

If you hate your current career, then leave. It’s very tempting to blame the company and point the finger at people you work with who have failed you (in your eyes). The fantasy seems good but the reality is BS.

“Quit pointing the finger and accept what’s happening is your fault. Only you can change your career situation”

~ Excerpts From The Article; 15 Things To Do When You Hit A Major Career Crisis And Are Forced To Change Career. By Tim Denning.

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