Logic Of The Day: 03.04.2018.

You Own Your Career, And You Have More Of An Ability To Shape It Than Anybody Else.
This is the last take away because no matter how many people are on the sidelines helping you, ignoring you, or working against you, your career — like your life — is your responsibility.

Don’t blame your manager, your significant other, your friends, or your company if you don’t have the career that you want. All of these things are in your power to affect or change.

If you find it hard to wake up excited about going to work in the mornings, ask yourself why. If you look back on your last six months and you can’t point to anything that’s been hard for you, question whether you are challenging yourself enough.

If you find yourself constantly looking for other people to tell you how awesome you’re doing, consider if you’re shortchanging your own growth and development.

If your manager is not giving you the support or coaching you’d like, tell her how you’d like to be supported or coached.

If working at your current company is not aligned with your long-term goals or values, consider making a move.
If you’ve never thought about where you’d like to be in three years, sit down and think about it.

~ Excerpts From The Article; How to Think About Your Career By Julie Zhou.

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