Logic Of The Day: 02.04.2018.

Treat Your Manager As A Coach, Not As A Judge.
For most of my career, I had the mental model that my manager, like my teachers and professors of the past, was someone in a position of authority who took note of what I did and passed judgement on it. They determined whether I was or wasn’t doing well, what I needed more critical feedback on, and what letter grade or assessment I deserved.

As such, my modus operandi for interacting with my manager could be summarized in one neat statement: don’t come across as an idiot.

Look, your manager’s job (assuming she is a good manager) is to help you and the rest of your team get better results. From this perspective, it is completely logical that she should be invested in your career.

When you do better, then by extension, she does better. Hence, your manager is someone who is on your side, who wants you to succeed, and who is willing to spend a good deal of time and energy to help you do that.

The more honest you can be with your manager about your aspirations, your motivations, and where you’d like their help to improve, the faster you’ll move.

~ Excerpts From The Article; How to Think About Your Career By Julie Zhou.

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