Logic Of The Day: 30.03.2018

10 Career Commandments for Ambitious Creatives Everywhere.
1. Thou shall not give work all of your time and energy.
Haven’t you heard? Working all the hours is officially unsexy. Busy isn’t a badge of honour, and your self worth isn’t based on how hard you hustle. Studies show people who work less are more likely to get a raise or bonus than those who overwork. Make work revolve around your life, not the other way round.

2. Thou shall not limit your potential because society has taught you to. As a woman, as an ethnic minority, as someone from a working class background, or otherwise. Show up everywhere like you deserve to be there. Because you do.

3. Thou shall save your f*cks for the things that really matter. You should give a f*ck. You really should. But only for the things that set your soul on fire. The competitive co-worker? That comment your boss made? The annoying email you received? Stop paying mental overtime to it. Save your f*cks for magical sh*t.

4. Thou shall not succumb to imposter syndrome.
Because even the best paid people in the game suffer from it, and we’re ALL making it up as we go along. Seriously. Every. Single. One. Of. Us.

5. Thou shall always make decisions based on curiosity, NOT fear. Because you should do what you said you wanted to do, before you got all tired and busy and life happened you really should.

6. Thou shall never stop learning ever. Your mind is your life’s work, your ultimate project. Always be a work in progress.

7. Thou shall do things before you are ready.
Because great things never came from comfort zones. And if you’re wait for the “right time”, you’ll be waiting forever. Fact.

8. Thou shall ask for help and help others. Take the ego out of your work. Because when we help each other shine, we all shine brighter.

9. Thou shall believe in your future self. Because you attract what you believe you’re worth.

10. Thou shall pay attention to what you pay attention to. Because That’s your calling.

~ Bianca Bass.

©Logic Consult.


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