Logic Of The Day: 27.03.2018.

How Jobs Define Us.
The job we go to each day does not encapsulate all of who we are as people, but it certainly plays a role in defining who we are. We create our world and thus we are the architects of our character.

However, our jobs define our reputation for others. We are viewed through the lens of the work we do. Our job is where we spend the majority of our awake time each week, so it’s no surprise that many come to view us through the job we have.

If you’re currently a student, realize today that you are working toward what will hopefully be a long, fulfilling career of doing what you love.
You will mature into a professional who delivers value to clients, management and yourself. So I ask, what will define you? Other than reputation, will you let your job define you?

Or will you use your career path to sharpen and refine you into becoming the real you — the woman or man you are destined to be. Your personal and professional skill development is essential to living a productive, fulfilling life. Use these skills for good.

Where do you find yourself currently in your job? Do you see a path forward in your career? Are you well on your way? Could you be getting better grades in school? What’s your plan for what’s next? I can tell you that I learned after several years of trial and error who the real professional me was. It took getting knocked down. It took frustration. But I’m better for it.

~ Christopher D Connors. (Step Up and Elevate Your Mindset — Part 2: Focusing on Your Job and Career)

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