Logic Of The Day: 26.03.2018

Focusing On Your Job & Career By Taking Actions.
“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.” — Jack Canfield. Act like you are in the position or job that you really desire to be in. It takes vision, purpose and ambition to get where you really want to be. But it also takes living in the moment and acting that way.

It begins with you. Yet you also progress and advance forward with the help of others. This means organizing a plan of attack and building rock-solid relationships. There are a bevy of Internet resources on how to best utilize social media and social networking services like Linked In. You can do it but you have to be willing. Be candid let others know what you want.

There may be some nasty people who try to sabotage you but know that candor is among the most coveted assets in building relationships and letting people see that you are authentic. Then, people will want to work with you. You’ll learn more about yourself, get insight into the types of jobs and companies that interest you. And you’ll gain allies willing to fight for you in the marketplace.

Keep learning, keep growing and dream the big thoughts that inspire you to take action in becoming the professional you want to be.

~ Christopher D Connors. (Step Up and Elevate Your Mindset — Part 2: Focusing on Your Job and Career)

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