Logic Of The Day: 24.03.2018.

When Education Is Applied, It Produces Income.
You can lose everything you’ve gained in life. Your money, job, clients, reputation, house, car, and even the people you love. The only possession you will never lose? You guessed it: Knowledge (if you keep investing in it).

If you learn how to build a business, you will always be able to make money. If you have a skill that people depend on, you will never be out of a job.
There’s only one condition: You must apply the things you learn. Without application, knowledge is useless. Everyone knows that. Again, few apply it.

The reason I invest so much time and money on educating myself is this: Education is a survival strategy. Let’s face it, we all hate uncertainty. And education is our safety net (don’t get ‘education’ and ‘degrees’ mixed up. It’s education that matters; not degrees).

It’s not easy. In fact, learning, studying, getting degrees, and mastering skills are some of the hardest things in life. Going to school is hard. Reading two books a week is hard. Following an online course in the evening after a long day is hard. And that’s exactly why most people don’t do it.

Thanks to the information revolution of the past decades, you have all the opportunity in the world to learn more. To me, it’s madness if you’re not investing in your self-education every single day. I prioritize learning over everything in life.

(Excerpts From The Article; The Best Investment Decision I Have Ever Made By Darius Foroux)

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