Logic Of The Day: 23.03.2018

The Path To Becoming Who You Want To Be.
Once you’ve escaped the delusions of the perfect job and superficial success you are ready to walk a new career path. A path that leads to the person you want to become. The person YOU want to become. Not the person your parents, friends, or social circle want you to be. Not the person that will be impressive to the world.

Those on the path are not motivated by money, status, or validation. They are motivated by the desire to become the best version of themselves. To create value and improve every single day. The path is awareness, understanding, and action.

You learn to see the world around you as it is, not how you wish it were, by mastering your emotional life.
Day by day you learn from experience. You begin to understand yourself, your team, your company, and your industry on a deeper and deeper level. You learn to test your judgement. You do what you think is right, not what is easy. You do what is right, not what is comfortable.

Each day you see the world through a clearer lens. Each day you learn how to create more value. Each day you move closer to the person you want to become.

You practice every day, but you will never reach your destination. You will never create a perfect career. You will never reach a conclusion in your pursuit of mastery.
You will never be completely satisfied, but you will learn to be satisfied with your incompleteness.

(Excerpts From The Article; The Four Most Important Career Lessons for Young Professionals by Ryan Ferguson)

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