Logic Of The Day: 22.03.2018

Be "Beware" Of Success.
Raises, new opportunities, and removing pain points are all good things. But even though they look sexy from the outside, they will trap you if you are not careful. But if you don’t like your job, getting a raise won’t help. The lustre of the new sum deposited in your back account will be gone in four weeks and you will be back to where you are right now. The same is true of promotions. As a young person in a company there are probably dozens of roles above you in the organization.

It is easy to think that having one of these jobs will solve this sense of unease you have with your current situation. You look at the managers who go golfing with clients in the summer, that have nice cars, and assistants. And you think that being in their shoes would make things better.

Having more power just seems better. You sit at your desk wishing for that promotion, but when you get it you won’t be happy. The shine of your new perks and role will fade faster than you can imagine. You will be so used to focusing on a better future while feeling unsatisfied with reality, that your habit will be to continue focusing on what you don’t have.

You will reach your goal of becoming the sales manager, you get your raise, new underlings, and a title you can feel proud about. But, three months later you will be frustrated because you are responsible for employees, because you are working way more than you used to and you will start to think that you can’t wait until you can be the Director of Sales and have all these problems go away.

You are stuck in a hamster wheel. Chasing things that appear to be solutions, but always end in disappointment.

(Excerpts From The Article; The Four Most Important Career Lessons for Young Professionals by Ryan Ferguson)

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