Logic Of The Day: 20.03.2018

You Will Never Have A Perfect Job.
This is the first lesson. When you’re starting your career it’s hard to know how dumb you are. Trust me though, you’re delusional. That’s why you say things like:
“I’m entitled to more than [insert whatever you’re making]” We start our careers with unreasonable expectations.

No matter what happens those expectations are proven wrong. At some point we hit a point where work becomes frustrating. Where co-workers become annoying and new opportunities look more enticing. At this point the urge is to look for external solutions. To quit and find a new job. “If I just didn’t have to deal with Joe every day, I would be happy.”

The truth that is so hard to learn early in your career is that there is no perfect job. No matter what you are doing, where you are doing it from, and who you are doing it for, there will always be things you don’t like about your work. So don’t trust the urge for external solutions. The excitement and novelty of working for a new company (or for yourself) will wear off. Before long you will once again be stuck with the imperfect reality.

As you compare your current situation to an imagined future, you need to adjust for the pain points that you are not even aware of. You need to learn to rise up to challenges instead of running from them.

(Excerpts From The Article; The Four Most Important Career Lessons for Young Professionals by Ryan Ferguson)

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