Logic Of The Day: 19.03.2018

Change Depends On Your Choices.
You've probably seen the phrase growth = change. It's possible to change without growing, but its impossible to grow without changing. One of the keys to making the right changes that allows us to grow is knowing the difference between a problem and a challenge, which you can change and a fact of life which you cannot.

For example, one day as a teenager I looked into the mirror and came to a sudden realization. I was not a handsome guy. It was a fact of life. I couldn't change my face. What was I going to do? I made a decision. I would change my attitude about it. I would smile. Did it change my face? No, not really. But it helped me to look better.

Like me, you must deal with many facts of life. You cannot change where and when you were born. You cannot change who your parents are. You cannot change your height or your DNA. But you can change you attitude about them. You must do your best to live with them.

A problem is different. A problem is something you can do something about. It's something you can grow through. How? Ironically, it begins with a similar first step: a change in attitude. When you change your attitude regarding a problem, you open up many opportunities for growth.

(Excerpts From The Book; How Successful People Grow By John C Maxwell)

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