Logic Of The Day: 17.03.2018.

The 3'Cs Of Successful And Proactive People.
~ Control What You Can.
1. Be the best YOU that you can be
2. Follow high-performer habits (diet, exercise, sleep, breathing, gratitude)
3. Prepare tonight for a perfect morning tomorrow
4. Plan, prepare, execute, reflect, improve-continue this virtuous cycle every day.

~ Cope With What You Can’t Control.
5. When you find yourself thinking about a problem you can’t control, talk to someone (at work) or call a friend for counsel
6. Go for more walks; you think better when you are moving and away from your desk
7. Breathe deeply to lower blood pressure and reduce stress
8. Plan and prepare two solutions for every major obstacle.

~ Concentrate on What Counts.
9. Focus on family first; serve your customers; lead your team
10. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you
11. Spend time with good people who never encourage or model bad behavior
12. Get out of your head and give your time, energy, love, and money to others.

{Excerpts From The Article; 12 Steps to Controlling Your Life by Craig Ballantyne, Owner, Early to Rise}

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