Logic Of The Day: 14.03.2018.

Sense Of Entitlement; Detrimental To Your Career.
Having a sense of entitlement is detrimental to your career. It makes you a difficult person to work with and a thorn in the flesh to your superiors. Needless to say, it inhibits your growth at a personal level because you know you have everything it takes to be the best.

Don’t get me wrong, self-confidence is your biggest asset, but that overbearing attitude; the belief that you must be treated better than everybody else without earning it isn’t confidence. While other employees are learning the workplace culture and positioning themselves for leadership, an entitled employee savours his privileges of the moment and complains when such privileges aren’t forthcoming.

While other employees appreciate bonuses and perks they were rewarded after achieving their targets, the entitled employee view them as rights— not rewards. This causes career stagnation.

Employee entitlement is common in the workplace today especially among the millennials who are brought up believing that they are special and must be treated as so.

(Excerpts From The Article; Why a Sense of Entitlement is Detrimental to Your Career by George Agak)

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