Logic Of The Day: 07.03.2018.

Focus Is The Most Underrated Skill.
“To simply wait and be bored has become a novel experience in modern life, but from the perspective of concentration training, it’s incredibly valuable.” — Cal Newport.

Over the next couple of decades, people who can focus on one thing for a long period of time will have a distinct advantage over everybody else.

Distracting yourself with random, easy-to-do activities doesn’t just hurt your productivity. It also hurts your ability to learn a skillset that’s actually valuable.

Top performers spend most of their time doing deliberate practice. They read books about what they do, and try to implement what they learned on the job. They seek out “safe” ways to make mistakes so they can test out what they learned.

Staying focused on something long enough to get good at it won’t just make you more successful — it’ll make you more satisfied.

~ (Excerpts From The Article 7 Best Pieces of Career Advice for People In Their 20s by Raghav Haran)

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