Logic Of The Day: 23.02.2018

You Should"Express Them Right".
It's important to express your goals in the right way.

1. Never express your goals in terms of what you don't want, always in terms of what you do want.
2. Express your goals in performance terms not reward terms.

3. Express your goals in terms of how others benefit.
4. Express your goals in according to the principles which matter.

While focusing on goals it is a sure way to move towards them. Focusing on some goals at the cost of neglecting others is a way to achieve hollow victories. It is like the man who worked so hard to provide for his family that he neglected them in the process and ended up losing them from his life in separation and divorce.

Some of the areas that need to be considered when you set goals in, say your work life are the effects on home, marriage, health, social life, leisure activities, spiritual life.

When we manage to harmonize or align goals in one area with those in another, we find that motivating forces in one area actually help those in other areas at the same time. As psychologist put it, they become "ecologically worthwhile"

~ Maximize Your Potential
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