Logic Of The Day: 17.02.2018

What's Your Plan?
First things first. If you have a job you love then you'll probably want to stick with it. If it doesn't make you enough money, you need a plan to generate income another way. If your job is making you miserable and what's worse keeping you in a poverty trap then you must prioritize getting out of it in your plan.

Your plan should involve taking financial control of your life. If you have debts, it will definitely include tackling these as a priority, ditto spending excesses. The plan might involve a career change, investigating a business idea, investing money or generating some capital so you can enter the buy-to- let market. It may well include selling things.

A lot of money is generated through selling things- whether its a product, a service or your time and skill. That's why I like writing books, even while I sleep there is a bookshop somewhere that is selling books for me.

In fact one of the fundamental truths about getting rich is that wealth- Real Wealth; comes from doing deals, not from earning wages, salaries or fees.

As General Patton said, 'A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow'. Whatever the plan includes, just make sure you have one, and that you stick to it.

~ Richard Templar.
(The Rules Of Wealth)

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