Logic Of The Day: 16.02.2018

Change Your Mind.
When I began my journey of self-teaching, I changed my mind on a lot of things. Instead of believing the only path to a successful life was going to college, I realized there were other avenues to prosperity. That set me on a mission to start my own side projects, but it also led me into another trap.

My new found beliefs caused me to believe that every corporate job made people feel deeply unhappy and stuck. It also made me believe college was completely useless. I still lean toward those beliefs, but I don’t treat them as absolute because nothing is absolute.
Since nothing is absolute, it’s foolish to “marry your position.”

I do not enjoy studying claims that oppose what I believe, but I want to stand firm in my beliefs. It’s easy to shout in your echo chamber and live in your intellectual bubble. That’s been going on a lot lately — both sides slinging mud at one another and getting nowhere in the way of convincing the other side.

Few people can listen. Few can swallow their pride and change their mind, even if changing it benefits them.
If you can learn to change your mind with new evidence, you’ll be agile in the way you create, live, and make decisions.

~ Ayodeji Awosika.
(Excerpts From The Article; 5 Unique Methods for Improving Your Intelligence)

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