Logic Of The Day: 13.02.2018

Never Stop Learning.
“Those who keep learning will keep rising in life.” — Charlie Munger. Most people’s education ends when their schooling ends. If you spend time adding new skills to your tool belt and become a self-taught student of many subjects, you’ll move miles past the competition.
To think you know everything you need to know — about life, business, your career, success in general — is arrogant and frankly dumb.

Smart people devour as much useful information as possible because they know it may come in handy at some point. When you have a base level knowledge of many different subjects, you can form mental models that help you solve different types of problems.

The more developed your array of skills, the more opportunity available to you in this world. Instead of trying to be the best at one thing, you can become pretty good at several things, making you one of the top people with those combined sets of skills.

What’s your “talent stack?” What combinations of skills can you combine to help you stand out from the crowd?
Even if you’re in a narrowly defined field, say a physician, skills like bedside manner (persuasion), leadership, and performance under pressure come into play. The combination of skills matters in any life.

The good news? You’re already highly skilled. You were gifted with some innate talents other people don’t have. Add even more skills to your repertoire, and you’ll be unstoppable.

~ Ayodeji Awosika
(Excerpts From The Article; 5 Unique Methods for Improving Your Intelligence)

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