Logic Of The Day: 12.02.2018

Commit Yourself To Adding Value To Others.
Nineteenth-century English preacher Charles Surgeon advised, "Carve your name on hearts and not on marble" The best way to do that is to add value to others. Do that by:
1. Looking for ability in others
2. Helping others discover their ability
3. Helping others develop their ability

Some people approach every interaction with others as a transaction. They're willing to add value, but only if they expect to receive value in return. If you want to make relationships a priority, you must check your motives to be sure you are not trying to manipulate others for your own gain.

To make sure your motives are right, take this advice from Leo Buscagli, who wrote "Loving Each Other". Always start a relationship by asking: Do I have ulterior motives for wanting to relate to this person? Is my caring conditional? Am I trying to escape something? Am I planning to change the person? Do I need this person to help me make up for a deficiency in myself?

If your answer to any of these questions is "yes" leave the person alone. He or she is better off without you.

~ John C. Maxwell.
(Relationships; Make Today Count.)

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