Logic Of The Day: 10.02.2018

Pausing Helps You Recognize Life Markers.
Stopping to reflect is one of the most valuable activities people do to grow. It has much greater value to them than motivation or encouragement because it allows you to make sure you're on the right track. After all, if you are going down the wrong road, you don't need motivation to speed up. You need to stop, reflect and change course.

Most people are pretty busy. There are a lot of demands on them, and they rush from place to place trying to get things done. Along the way, they have certain experiences that are life markers. They go to a place or are part of an event or meet a person that in some ways marks them for life because something important happened. Often these markers identify for them a time of transition, change or transformation.

If you don't take the time to pause and reflect, you can miss the significance of such events. Reflection allows those experiences to move from being Life Markers to Life Makers.

If you pause to allow growth to catch up with you, it makes your life better, because you can not only better understand the significance of what you've experienced but also implement changes and course corrections as a result. You are also better equipped to teach others from the wisdom you have gained.

~ John C Maxwell
(How Successful People Grow)

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