Logic Of The Day; 07.02.2018

The Delusion of Disillusioned Employees.
I needed running shoes, so I went to the mall and walked into a Footlocker. I expected of one the employees to come up and ask me if I needed help, but no one came.
Instead, I saw two staff members leaning on the front counter talking to each other. They were talking about how they didn’t like working at a shoe store. How they didn’t get paid enough and how they wanted out.
I thought to myself, “Why would anyone pay you more? You’re not even doing a good job right now.”

I left and went to another store. The attendant greeted me right away. I bought the same pair of shoes I was eyeing at the previous store.
Here’s where the delusion comes in. If you suck at your current job, you’re not going to magically perform well at a better job, or when you get started on your own.
If you can’t handle the smallest amount of responsibility you currently have, there’s no way you’ll do well with more, or in the case of being an entrepreneur — all of it.
What if you chose to be great at your job, even if you didn’t like it?

Millionaire business owner Grant Cardone says to be successful “get good at what you hate.” If you can rise to the challenge in a position you dislike, you’ll be ready for the challenges that come with a new position or being the head of your own company.

Your attitude about your work is a choice. The level of the performance you give is a choice.
Many people act like they’re being forced to work at their current job and to hate it, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

~ Ayodeji Awosika.

Excerpts From The Article; "The Secret to Successfully Dealing With a Job You Hate That Almost No One Ever Uses"

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