Logic Of The Day: 01.02.2018

The Work You Do Affects Your Happiness.
Your dream job isn’t going to fall into your lap. You need to be a little aggressive and create that opportunity. Even if the company of your dreams truly isn’t looking for new employees right now, they will remember you if you make a good impression.

Your job doesn’t have to just pay the bills. With the right career, you can find your purpose, devote yourself to your work, and live a meaningful life that brings you satisfaction.

I mean think about it, you spend the majority of your life working. If you don’t enjoy your job, then you’re leaving a miserable life. On average, you spend 8 hours a day at work. That’s 22 working days out of the month; 2,112 hours a year! Wouldn’t you rather spend all of that time working towards something you truly care about?

Some are lucky to start off with the job they desire, some start off with the job they despise. If you are in the second category you need to keep trying, pushing and never relenting till you find a job you truly desire.

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