Logic Of The Day: 19.01.2018

Pursue Goals You Can Sustain!
Consistent action is better than a single massive step. Consistent action is a reliable, dependable and coherent approach to achieving goals. Focus on a process — a system of minimal actions — based on a bigger goal.
Embrace the progressive attitude when you pursue meaningful goals.

“In many areas of life, there is a magical zone of long-term growth: Pushing enough to make progress, but not so much that it is unsustainable,” says James Clear.
It is better to make small progress every day than to do as much as humanly possible in one day and make no long-term progress.

“Change is not a one-time explosion of opportunity. It is a slow burning fire that needs to be tended constantly,” says Jason Harvey, in his book, Achieve Anything In Just One Year: Be Inspired Daily to Live Your Dreams and Accomplish Your Goals.

Many people quit in life because they have an unrealistic expectation of how quickly they want to reach their goal. Be prepared for obstacles.

Remember, the obstacle is the way.

"Pursue Goal You Can Sustain"
Thomas Oppong.

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