Logic Of The Day: 13.01.2018

Social Networking; Key For Prospective & Potential Employees.
Social networking is also very important with regard to your reputation as a potential candidate for companies. Most companies now do go through their applicants’ social profile where possible.

How you present yourself to the world, the attitudes you show, the style of communication, the kind of matter you post, may significantly influence how a potential recruiter views you.

So manage your social media profile carefully. Refrain from what can be considered to be as “negative behaviour” which will lower your suitability chances.

On the positive side, an active and engaging social media profile shows that you are not afraid of visibility or of communicating with diverse variety of people; shows that you take an interest in the world around you and keep yourself updated on events; you show that you are skilled at communicating appropriately on a public forum; it gives you a high visibility.

Experts also say that it is not just important to be seen on social media, it is important to develop a social media strategy which will help you leverage the power of the medium effectively. Because recruiters may use the social media profiles to get an idea of your character and your personality, it is better to use strategies which will help you project a positive yet convincing image of yourself.

Sally Yolanda.
"The importance of social media for job seekers"

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