Logic Of The Day: 05.01.2018

Do You Like What You're Doing Now?
I am amazed by how many people I meet everyday who don't like what they do for a living. Why do they do it? I understand the necessity of having to make a living.

We've all done jobs we didn't love. But we don't have to stay there our whole lives, doing something we find unfulfilling.

Is it a risk making a change from what you're currently doing to what you want to do? Of course. You might fail. You might find out that you don't like it as much as you expected. You might not make as much money.

But isn't there also a great risk in staying where you are? You might fail. You might get fired. You might take a pay cut. Or worst of all, you might come to the end of your life feeling regret for never having reached your Potential or doing what you love.

Which risk would you rather live with?

"How Successful People Grow"
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