Logic Of The Day:12.12.2017.

There’s More Than Enough Time, When You Use The Time You Have.
Have you ever been so busy that you struggled to notice the needs of those around you? Even those most dear to you? Even worse than being over-busy is being distracted by things with little or no value ;  like mindlessly surfing the web when your child wants to play.

Without question, there are countless things we could do at any moment of our lives. What do we choose to do with our moments? What does that say about us?
How can you learn to truly use the time you have, so that looking back each day you will be proud of who you were and how you lived?

But the cost of not getting control over your time and life is astronomical. It’s everything. For, how we use our time determines everything about:
1. Who we are
2. Who we will become
3. What we will accomplish in our days, and in our lives
4. How deep our relationships are.
5. And ultimately what we value most.

Benjamin P. Hardy.



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