Logic Of The Day: 7.12.2017

Being A Perfectionist Can Damage Your Career.
Specifically, perfectionistic behavior damages your career because it:
1) Makes you more difficult to be with, collaborate with and manage — your need to “win” or be the best alienates your colleagues.

2) Hurts people — your critical and judgmental thinking and behavior toward yourself bleeds out to others and negatively impacts them.

3) Taints your judgment — your ability to manage people, projects and resources is altered because you see “perfect” as the only standard to strive for.

4) Crimps your creativity — the creative process is not a clean, perfect, linear one and the “messiness” of creativity makes you uncomfortable and insecure.

5) Puts up walls — those around you can sense your energy of edginess and judgment and your need to be perfect, which repels people.

In the end, if you’re a perfectionist, your ability to lead, inspire and engage others — as well as generate trust and loyalty — will be severely impaired.



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