Logic Of The Day: 6.12.2017

Start Thinking (and truly believing) That Life Is A Compilation Of Mini Experiments.
Through our education system we are taught that our successes are very black and white; pass or fail. If we fail, there is often not a second chance or we have to go through a major setback (waiting to repeat the ninth grade again and experience utter humiliation).

In a 2014 Ted Talk, Carol Dweck discusses the power of “not yet” — she describes a high school in Chicago that gives students who did not achieve a passing mark in a course the grade “not yet,” rather than a fail.
This sends a message to students that they are on a learning curve and on a path to success instead of receiving the message of “full-stop — you are going nowhere.

If we start thinking about our lives this way, we have a much greater potential of eventually reaching our goals even when it doesn’t happen the first time around. If you apply for a job and do not receive an offer it does not mean you are a failure and will be jobless forever, it probably wasn’t the right fit, go for the next one!

Elle Kaplan



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