Logic Of The Day: 29.12.2017

Be Intentional In Engaging With Your Team. 
As a leader or manager, it’s imperative to be thoughtful and intentional about providing clarity around your key goals and objectives. You can cause your staff unnecessary stress by changing priorities without being mindful of how your decisions will impact others, or if your directives result in people having to engage in useless activities or make change for the sake of change.

Before determining assignments, ask yourself: do these goals and activities really create value? Do they support something bigger that has the potential for a significant positive impact? Will this work further development and help grow your team?

As part of this process, take the time to listen to your direct reports and invest in getting to know what matters to them. This should involve exploring their “true north” with them so that you can understand their key strengths, values, and passions both personally and professionally.

The more that you can help align your employees’ work experience with what’s meaningful to them, the greater the chance that they will feel more purpose, energy, and focus—all of which can yield higher performance levels.

Rebecca Shambaugh (Excerpts From The Article; Renewing Yourself as a Leader Can Help Others Do the Same)



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