Logic Of The Day: 22.12.2017.

Committing Yourself 1000%.
To be successful in life and work in ways that align with your heart, body, mind and spirit, it takes commitment that won't wane. It takes believing that you can create movement in your life and business, even when the waters are still and the three dimensional world is giving evidence that you’re not going to make it to your destination. And it demands risk (usually a great deal of it).

That doesn’t mean that we should continue on our course blindly, crashing into the rocks without modifying our path. It means we need to identify when outside help is necessary, and ask for it before it’s too late.

Absolutely, commit yourself to your goals without doubt, without reservation, and do what’s required, but at the same time learn to be flexible, when to pivot, and how to avoid overly attaching to how it has to look or to one particular outcome.

People who realize they have vulnerabilities and gaps in their knowledge and ability, and work diligently and committedly to close these gaps, succeed at a much higher level than those who hide their heads in the sand.

Kathy Caprino (Excerpts From The Article; 6 Pivotal Actions That Will Expand Your Success)



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