Logic Of The Day: 21.12.2017

Take The Purpose As Your Starting Point.
Don't you ever wonder about the future? What will the new organization-shapes look like? What will my work look like in the coming decades?

Change is approaching faster than we think in this fast-paced 21st century.  Maybe that's why everything is becoming more shapeless, virtual or fluid:

>> We used to work from 9-5, now we work any time

>> We used to work in an office, now we can work anywhere.

>> We used to have a clear career ladder, now we create our own career path.

>> From large massive organizations, to small agile ones.

>> To owning everything, to owning nothing, like taxi-company Uber.

>> From power to a few persons, to power to the people through the Internet.

For a long time we accepted the already existing form (getting married in your twenties, same religion or political preference as your parents, chasing career status). Now, it seems that the sky is the limit. These new times invite us to be designers. But how can we best do this?

Take the purpose as your starting point.

Anke Tusveld MSc (Excerpts From The Article; Ask yourself two smart questions to redesign the way you work, live and lead.)



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