Logic Of The Day: 9.11.2017.

You Should Love The Job You Have.
Seething in work-hate is not the vibe that will get you to something better. So, when you want to up-level into work you love, you must find a way to love the work you have so you open the flow of energy toward something better. Even if it sucks.

Think about what you do love (or like) about your current job, and focus there. Maybe it’s the people, maybe its the paycheck, It might be a level of training that your job offers, that you can take to your next job. What’s good might even be that your job right now is generously letting you see where you need to grow; what the vibe is that you must learn to embody to manifest that next best thing for yourself.

Find something to be grateful for with your current work. See that as a blessing, while you focus your intention on your next step.



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